At our core we are all perfect beings, beyond the need for praise or blame, and yet, in this life, it might comfort you to know that others have thought well of my services :-).


Alicia“Karisma offers the amazing ability to synthesize complicated thoughts into their simplest wisdoms. She can see through what is presented to her and know the essence of what is important. As a mother of three teenagers, I decided to take my family abroad for a year, then became worried that I might be impacting my kids in a negative way. Karisma was able to look at our transits, do a geographical analysis of how our charts lined up, and synthesize this out to reveal the planetary alignments. It was a relief and comfort to know that we were in fact on our right paths even with these profound and dramatic changes. Karisma is intuitive and profoundly insightful. If you are wondering what the right direction is for you, I highly recommend working with her. She will shine a light on your path so you can see where it leads.”
                                                                                                                          ~Alicia Berberich, Stay-at-home Mom


KennaKarisma gave me an astrological reading with stunning accuracy, and gave an in-depth explanation of all my signs and planets and what each one means for myself and my relationships. Karisma has encyclopedic knowledge on the topic, and answered all of my questions without hesitation. She has a way of explaining things that makes you feel totally comfortable. I used to be a cynic about astrology, but thanks to my positive experience with Karisma’s informative and helpful consultation, I am intrigued and very happy with the results.

~Kenna Shapiro, Librarian/Archivist/Art Specialist


Julee“I loved receiving my natal reading from Karisma! She was very thoughtful about explaining what each planet signified in my natal chart while walking me through it. The way she delivered the information was very mindful. Although there was a lot of information, she did it in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. I would definitely recommend getting a natal reading from her!”

~Julee Lee, Photographer



JayneKarisma totally saved me from my stuckness. I had been struggling to publish my website and put it out there for quite a while. I did not feel confident about expressing my feelings or intentions on my website copy. Karisma totally understood what I wanted to express and, with great clarity, she ran with it. Karisma’s coaching style is warm yet powerful and she’s definitely got ‘the gift’ with words. I would not hesitate to hire Karisma for any writing or coaching needs. She has a wonderful way with words and is a very intuitive listener!”


~Jayne Daly, Women and Teen Girls’ Empowerment Coach


Anne“On the journey of “developing the clarity and courage” to bring my passion forward (as Karisma put it), I found Karisma to be a very attentive coach who adapts to her student’s abilities. Karisma is very skilled at creating an environment that feels safe. She keeps you in the very moment: you become very focused and present but with no limitations or restrictions: you start to see and free yourself from the negativity or blocks you carry around with you! Karisma is attentive to what is shared during the sessions and she provides the right amount of suggestions and/or pointers for you to go explore and play with when the meeting is over!”
~Anne Barbaret, HR/Wellness Manager and Yoga Instructor


“Before I sought out coaching with Karisma, I was at a crossroads in my business and needed to decide whether or not to continue. By the end of our coaching engagement, I was able to attract more client demand than I ever had during my 10 years in business. I am still in the midst of my crossroads, but I feel more empowered, self-directed, and able to make a decision on my own terms. Karisma brings a wonderful quality of attention and presence to her coaching sessions. This, combined with her knowledge of somatic methods and wisdom beyond her years, makes her an ideal working partner for anyone interested in real personal, professional, and creative growth.”
~Jim Hollingsworth, Freelance Graphic Designer


“I felt listened to. Karisma was deep, subtle, but deep. She gave me things to think about that were creative and abstract and helped me see not just what to do but changed how I see the things I do. She said things exactly the way I needed her to say them.”
~Adrienne Peterson, Inventory Planner at Pottery Barn

Karisma has a serene, calm approach that belies her keen perception. I came to her when I was going through a lot of transition and she was incredibly helpful. She would often provide really insightful “food for thought” about my approach or view on matters and it would cause me to look at things differently, with fresh eyes. I also found her to be very encouraging and supportive.”
~Fredda Holcombe, Marketing Director


“During our coaching sessions together, Karisma had a great ability to gauge where I was at, what I needed, whether it was to be nurtured or pushed a bit, and to give me that.” 
~Maria Gallegos, Yoga Instructor