Location Readings

Astrology Readings are conducted by phone, Skype or Google Hangouts.


Location Astrology Reading


The planets in your chart have corresponding energy meridians that circle throughout the world. Depending on which lines you live near, those particular energies of your personal makeup can become enhanced. Ever notice how you just “vibe” better with some places than with others? Want to learn what energy lines run through your hometown, current city, next vacation or residence, and what you can expect? This reading will reveal just that.


  • 1 copy of your personal astro location chart & a key describing the general planetary energies: $25
  • 1 copy of your personal astro location chart plus 1 30-minute reading of your personal astrology location chart energies based on your areas of interest, including how your personalized signs and their houses influence your planetary energy lines on the globe: $65