Birth Chart Readings

Astrology Readings are conducted by phone, Skype or Google Hangouts. Below are a few types of readings that may help you feel more empowered when thinking about tough choices in your life or simply investigating out of deep personal curiosity!

Birth Chart Reading 

Zodiac Wheel (photo by - cropped by me)This is the bread and butter of astrology, the foundational reading that gives you a personalized understanding of your planets, houses, and signs. As with most philosophies, there are many branches of astrology these days; I tend to look at both eastern and western chart when arriving at interpretations but find certain eastern techniques to be most accurate. This chart takes a close at the soul’s purpose and path in this lifetime and how well-equipped you are to carry it out.

1 one-hour reading: $125

*Followup integration sessions available.


Solar Return Reading

Orange Sunshine photo by IlkerThis reading forecasts what theme(s) will be most important for you to focus on from one birthday to the next, whether it’s health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, or any combo of these. This is a great way to help you understand what will grow your soul the most from one birthday to the next.

These highly incisive readings also make lovely birthday gifts!

1 one-hour reading: $125

*Followup integration sessions available.


Compatibility Reading

Heart Hands (by Leovdworp - cropped by me)Uncover the strengths and weaknesses in your love relationship. Verify what your intuition tells you so you can finally arrive at conclusions and make clear decisions. What do you offer each other? Who has more of the masculine or feminine energy in the relationship? Is good communication possible? Do your life paths complement or compete with each other? Was it just meant to be a fling? Discover the answers to your most important questions with a compatibility reading.

1 one-hour reading: $195