KarismaRodriguezheadshot156KBHi, I’m Karisma, an investigator of spiritual truths and practical wisdom.

I believe everything comes from source/universal love energy, then gets fielded and diluted through the complexities of human existence. It’s our job to uncover it by y staying curious on our paths.

As Chief Sky Minder here, I use astrology to help you make clear and powerful decisions in areas of career/purpose changes, location changes or travels, and personal relationships. The insights and impacts astrology yields have been a profound part of my own path, and watching astrological wisdom positively affect those I get to work with inspires me further. For clients, astrology readings bring self-understanding, curiosity, and inspiration that leads to meaningful actions.

In addition to being an Astrologer and Certified Integral Coach, I’m also a prestigiously published poet/writer, Treasurer on the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter board for the International Coach Federation, and hold a B.A. in English from UCLA. I’ve also been practicing Mindfulness Meditation for over six years and facilitate meditation discussion groups in San Francisco.

On the quirky personal side, I’m exceptionally fond of karaoke, dance, mermaids, avocados, and warm beaches.


A few of many defining life events for me have been:

– Being born with a favorable natal chart for spirituality, organization, creativity, and astrology (Aquarius Ascendant/Mars, Scorpio Jupiter, Sagittarius Mercury ruling the 5th/8th House).
– An unforgettable hour and a half long awakened peak experience after listening to someone else’s near death experience. I walked around feeling like I was made of pure love, feeling no resistance in my body, looking complete strangers in the eyes and, at times, releasing tears of remorse for any lack of faith/fear/doubt/darkness/sadness I’d felt before then. No drugs were involved.
– Have at times known when people I’ve been close to have been hurt in distant locations. Intuitively. Subconsciously. Who knows. Not through any rational/material means.
– A superbly shitty childhood – the makings of many a strong soul.


May you find moments in life that make you feel like this: