Check out my interview on Mindful Astrology on Breakthrough Genesis. To hear answers to the most common questions I get, perhaps a question you yourself have, listen below. Interview starts at 3:00.

Interview Questions:

1) How did you get to where you are now and what key lessons did you learn along the way?

2) What would you say has been the biggest impact astrology has had on you personally?

3) How does magazine or newspaper astrology differ from what you’re talking about?

4) With your clients, what are the main issues that someone comes to you to resolve or get more information about?

5) Can you walk me through the process of what happens when someone comes to you for advice?

6) So how does it all work?

7) Let’s say someone is having blocks abundance or having difficulty finding a relationship that works…is that something that Mindful Astrology could help them address?